There are several kinds of gems in this game. Each has a different function. I first found it very intriguing as I didn't know where to put them in >.<. I write this to help anyone who gets confused about this.

Gems :Edit

Speed gems : increase dex +20 (cocktrice, basilisk, goblin lord )

Soul Gems : increase int +20 (goblin lord)

Strength gems : increase str +20 ( minotaur, minotaur hero, clayboar, basilisk)

Attacker gems : increase atk +15 and matk +15 (goblin master, goblin lord, minotaur, basilisk, cocktrise, flame slim)

Defender gems : increase def +15 and mdef +15 ( crab, slim, goblin , minotaur, basilisk)

Life gems : increase health +20 hp (minotaur hero)

Place to add : hobby shop tops clothing. These clothing has "generously" have one slot for you to put these in. You can't put this gem anywhere else :p


Fire element : add element to weapon or armor. increased fire magic damage (flame slime, goblin lord, minotaur hero)

Wind element : add element to weapon or armor ( minotaur, minotaur hero, basilisk)

Ground element : add element to weapon or armor ( minotaur, minotaur hero, basilisk, dessert slim)

Water element : add element to weapon or armor (crab, blue slim)

Place to add : "set" in the weapon , armor or accesory items ( feather items, fairy, disk, etc.. of the hobby shop )

Mini Skills :Edit

These skill are rare and powerful. Even though it's not as powerful as your skill but it's as useful

Mini fire skill : deal a little fire damage + burning statue (losing blood over time ).3 use before recharge

(Notes : this skill negates any abnormal statue that's on the opponent body )

Drop : flame slim , blue slim

Mini hide skill : a small version of hide skill but can be added to every class . ( decrease range and sight ). One uses before recharge. (Time : 15 sec)

Recharge time : 1 min

drop : blue slim, grey slim

Mini beserk skill : you won't be stunned when being attacked. Makes you able to excute the skill or attack perfectly for a short period of time.  (Time 15 sec). 1 use before recharge

Recharge time : 1 min

drop : blue slim, demon slim

Steal skill : enables you to steal things directly from the monster. (helps you to get more item from the monster), high miss rate :p. 3 uses before need to recharge

Recharge time : 1 min

drop : basilisk, blue slim

Large counter skill : the most formidable skill of all. Very noteworthy. Enable you to counter multiple opponent at one time ( if your cleric or mage has this, your opponents will see hell; especially when they are outnumbering you @.@). 2 uses before recharge.

Recharge time : 20 sec

drop : only minotaur hero

First aid skill : heal you A LITTLE. At least you have three uses before recharge. Three times using this is about equal to 1 time using heal of the clerics ^^ )

(Notes : these skill maybe useful, but they need much longer time to recharge compared to normal skill so use it with caution )

recharge time : 1 min

drop : crab, green slim, blue slim.

Mini cure skill : the most worthy skill to add you your accessory. Cure abnomal statue on yourself ( except freeze and silence ==' ). One use before recharge

Recharge time : 1 min

drop : only blue slim (extremely rare )

Place to add :  on the accessory item with slot ==' ( wings, fairy, emblem disk, green cowlick, elf ears , etc  at the hobby shop )