In each town you might notice women with the words "Seven Store" and "Seven Hobby" above their heads. These two are the most important but I won't leave out "Delivery" and "Seven Eco."

Seven StoreEdit

This is the main store you will visit at higher levels when you begin to gain more coins. This store has everything you need to go through leveling faster and repair your gear. It could be one of the most important places due to the fact that it's the only place to sell repair hammers.

Seven HobbyEdit

This is where you get to choose how to dress and look, exactly seven themes of style will be put into this capsule machine at any time. The themes are constantly updated and changed, be quick though they won't stay forever. Many Hobby items are labled "Revival", "NC" ("New Color"), or "NCII" ("New Color II").  Revival items are items that were available in the past and are available again, exactly as they were before.  NC items are the same as Revival items, only with different color schemes for the gear, weapons, and accessories.  NCII is a second NC for a specific Hobby, ultimately a third coloration of a Hobby capsule. If a Hobby item isn't labeled with any of these, then it's an original and never before seen item. Hobby gear is not only for looks some pieces in sets will also have slots in their armor meaning you can put an element, gem, or (if it's an accessory) an extra skill! There are multiple "tricks" to getting what you want out of the hobby machine. Using a different class or gender is believed to affect the out come, continuous usage of it also seems to contribute. Some say waiting for a hobby theme to become a little older gives you a better chance at giving you something you want. You can believe any of these or just think it's pure luck, your choice.

Seven Eco.Edit

What happens when you don't get what you want from hobby? You can just bring it to Seven Eco. This handy little place was made for a small refund of coins if you don't get something you want from hobby. Most of the time it will only give you 35 coins back but it depends on the item.


"Hobby/Shop ripped me off! I bought something and it didn't give it to me!" do not be one of these people, delivery was made for a reason. Anything bought with coins will appear here, simply talk to the woman with "Delivery" over her head and she will open a screen filled with anything from the hobby or seven store.