Litus is a neutral territory, and as a result, it is always peaceful, as well as being free of war. Litus is a place where people can put aside their differences, and just relax. Litus is popular for those who are not interested in war, and this seaside field is one of the most popular places to relax in the game. People love to sit by the teal coloured crystal with in the ocean cave. It is also the newest addition to Seven Swords. Litus has monsters ranging from weak to strong, and is the perfect place for anyone to train. It also contains many monsters unique to the area, such as crabs, moths, crawlers, and the infamous clay boar. Novice players should be warned that the clay boar is highly dangerous, and contact is likely to result in a one-hit knock out.

Crab: The weakest monster on the beach, which offers about 100exp per kill. Recommended for inexperienced players. Crabs drop potions, and occasionally drop the water element, which is why these crabs are worth hunting.

Moths: Moths are about the same strength of a goblin master, and people should be prepared before tackling them. If you use ranged attacks, you can avoid losing precious health. Use the terrain of the beach to your advantage, and use the many cliffs to your advantage. Offers about 400 exp when defeated, and rarely a wind element.

Crawler: Has the appearance of huge, green grub. It is stronger then the moth, so be careful, and use buffing skills before tackling it, or get help from a friend.

Clay Boar: This monster is as strong as the legendary Minotaur Hero, and it is an absolute must that you tackle this monster with a friend. Not many people can survive longer then two hits of this monster, and gladiators must be extremely careful, as they are the likely candidates to be hit by this monster first. You can lure this monster into the water, and use ranged attacks to weaken it, or you could also trap it on the cliffs, and use ranged attacks from below. This monster is known to give over 5000exp on death, and drop precious items such as The Dolphin Bow, among other items such as potions.