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Write the text of your article here! The Minotaurs(or "Minos" for short) are large, bull-like monsters that are medium-strength(stronger than types of Goblins but weaker than Basilisk). They will chase any player, even if the one being chased never hit it. Minos are earth element monsters and always have the possibility to drop an earth element, due to this fact they are weaker to fire element but have a resistance to the wind element. Want to know more about weaknesses and strengths with elements? Check the Elements page here.  Minos also drop wind elements, as well as level 40 armor for all classes, power gems, and attack gems.

There is a stronger form of the Minos, called the MinotaurHero. It is also the boss form of them. They are giant red Minos, and are very strong.  They drop lvl 40 weapons and armour, lvl 50 weapons and armour, Large Counter Skills, Life Gems, Repair Kits, Steak, and Meat. 

Clerics can damage minotaur and minotaur heros by using the Heal, Great Heal, or Sanctuary spell. For every class it's best to hit minotaurs from a long range if possible.