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Luna, the capital city of Nox.

Nox, one of the three nations that a player can choose when they begin the game. The others are Lumen and Aurora . Nox's capital city is Luna, and its territories consist of Luciora , Stella , and Mensis . Nox is known for its perpetual darkness, contrasted by the beautiful glow of the moon and stars. Nox is a land of clear, blue rivers, and is a land rich in resources. The people of Nox are known for their cunning on the battlefield, using tactics itself as a weapon.

Luna: Luna is the capital city of Nox, and consists of an Arena Manager, Quest Manager, My Garage, Item Shop, Seven Store, My Delivery, Seven Hobby, and Seven Eco. It's signature land mark is its blue crystal fountain, a well spring of pure, clear water. People love to relax by the fountain and the balcony to gaze up at the starry skies and the bright, white moon. It is the most modernised of all of the cities, demonstrating its vast wealth.

Arena Manager: Allows you to start a new arena, which is similar to a small scale nation-wide war. The arena sizes are 5 vs 5, 10 vs 10 and 25 vs 25. Various prizes such as gran (the currency of Seven Swords), experience or titles can be won by participating in the arena

Quest Manager: Acts as a tutorial to those who are new to the game. Provides a combat tutorial, guide around town, as well as a tutorial on the art of war.

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My Garage: Is the equivilent of a bank, where you can store items that you do not wish to hold in your inventory. If you decide to start a new game, anything that was previously stored in the garage will carry onto the new game.

Item Shop: Provides many vital goods, such as red, yellow and white potions for healing, new armour and weapons, repair hammers for maintaining equipment, as well as build hammers to improve the skills of existing armour or weapons. The item shop also provides new skills that may be utilized in combat.

Seven Store: The premium item store, which uses coins (which are purchased through the Itunes store and cost real money. These coins can also be won through war.) These coins can be used to purchase some very useful items, such as additional bag slots, additional garage slots, bonus exp for a month, anti-pk for a month, life guard for a month, basic starter armour sets, as well as new character slots.

My Delivery: Used to pick up any items that you have purchased in the Seven Store, or in Seven Hobby.

Seven Hobby: Similar to a lucky dip, where the customer pays 200 coins for one try, or 2000 coins for 11 tries. Items won from this service are random, and a player often has to try multiple times to acquire their desired item. Costume themes of the store include: Fancy Asia, Ancient Warrior, Maid & Butler, Samurai, Bunny, Noble, Pirate and Avatar Capsules.

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Seven Eco: Can be used to refund items that you purchased with coins, although at a lower price for what they were bought for.

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