Throughout playing the game you might notice people with red names, or possibly you have gotten a red name yourself. This doesn't make them or you special in any way, in fact you don't want a red name at all. Red names have many defects if you are given one. How you get a red name is by killing five or more white named players, red name players are allowed to be killed as many times as you'd like with no punishment to you. If you obtain a red name and you'd like to get rid of it you're going to have to wait it out, the time of how long you must wait varies on the amount of times you've killed white named people.

Effects of Red NameEdit

This includes a reduction of experience gained, a times two experience loss upon death, decreased drop rate of items, and as told above you can be killed with no penalty to your attacker however if you kill them you lengthen your red names span.


PKers are people of whom attempt to get you a red name. Most of the time they'll simply attack you or annoy you into killing them. They are simply trolls and it's best to ignore them completely, you lose no experience dying to them and if they attempt to do this more than five times they will have red name themselves, at that point you can kill them all you want.

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