Ever wonder what Dex, Str, and Int do for you character? If you end up wanting to reset your stats, you can buy the memory drink for 450 coins at the coin store. It's pretty overpriced, so it's better if you plan ahead when placing points. 

(Max : even if you increase above this, it does nothing )


The Dex of a character is the speed. Raising the dex will speed up the firing rate for each spell. Dex is useful to increase for every class. (Max : 137)


The Str of a character is the amount of physical attack. Strength is great for warriors, as it makes them even stronger than they already are. It's okay for scouts as it'll increase the power of each arrow. It's only useful to clerics when they're attacking enemy structures in war. Mages shouldn't increase their Str. (Max : unlimited )


The Int is the amount of magic attack. Useful to Mages and Clerics. It will increase the potency of each spell. So a fireball a mage shoots will do more damage, or a heal used by a cleric will recover more health. (Max : unlimited)