Seven Swords is a free MMORPG available only on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and only in the US and Japan. Servers are located in Tokyo and Silicon Valley


The focus of Seven Swords is the large scale conquest battles. Each of the three nations competes for control of nine areas, although there is little benefit to owning more than three.

When not subject to battles, the areas are open to their controlling nation to use as a hunting ground. The map will become populated with monsters, of increasing strength further away from a city, which can be fought for experience and rare item drops.


The three nations of Seven Swords are: Nox , Lumens , and Aurora . You select your nationality at character creation, although there is no real gameplay elements involved in the choice. As of yet, the only inherent differences are the appearance of the environments most often visited.

The four classes of Seven Swords are: Gladiator, Scout, Sorcerer, and Cleric. You may only have one character for free, and an extra character slot costs approximately 4 USD so think carefully before investing time into a class.